10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

Most people think of New York as bright lights, big city. A tranquil trip out in the country is not something most associate with a visit to New York. This great state is, however, full of picturesque places and miles of wondrous beauty. You might not know it was New York if someone hadn’t told you. From historic landmarks and museums, to glorious mountains, enchanting forests and magnificent bodies of water, New York offers some awesome destinations for travelers searching to find splendor in this magnificent state. From upstate waterfalls to the nature preserves of Long Island, you’re sure to find something amazing here. 

1) Triphammer Falls

A fantastic year round sight to see is Triphammer Falls. It is located at the base of the dam that forms Beebe Lake, but its biggest alluring factor is that this captivating New York destination is actually part of the Cornell University Campus. In fact, many dub it to be the cornerstone of Cornell’s charm. Triphammer Falls is a 55-foot spilling waterfall that is certain to make a trip to Ithaca, New York, worth your time. Walk across the footbridge and feel the mist of the falls land on your face, and you will come to understand how beauty truly does stimulate all the senses. An old hydraulic lab, built in October of 1898, sits at the base of the falls, and it offers great insight into the antiquity of Cornell. The hydraulic lab is an icon that has come to represent what true, “old school”, hands on learning really was. You are sure to learn a lot of unique history as well as take in a great sight with a trip to Triphammer Falls.