10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

boldt castle

4) Boldt Castle

True romantics will see splendor beyond the walls of Boldt Castle located near Alexandria Bay among the Thousand Islands. Visitors must first familiarize themselves with the bygone era before visiting the home of such a stunning love story. A bygone sweetheart is someone who has lost a loved on and has gone on to live a long life. The Boldt Castle’s beauty lies in its bygone days. In 1900, millionaire hotel entrepreneur George C. Boldt began construction on the castle in homage to his love for his wife, Louise. It was meant to be their summer getaway where they could share their love and cherish their time together. Just months before the Castle’s completion, Louise Boldt passed away, and George Boldt simply walked away from the project before its completion, never to look back. The castle remained vacant for 70 years. True romantics will see the attraction in the love story that is so deeply embedded in the castle’s pristine walls and stunning location. Romance and beauty is what attracts visitors to this fine New York destination.