10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

zoar valley

10) Zoar Valley

Head Upstate and take a left to the western fringes to Otto, NY. There you will find nestled amongst the Cattaraugus Creek and the Genesee River confluence a beauty like no other. The Zoar Valley State Multiple Use Area is home to the Zoar Valley Gorge, which is a popular white water rapid destination. It also houses the Zoar Valley Swimming Hole, a nature pool inviting romantic charm. Waterfalls cascade cliffs up to 500 feet high, and hikers find their beauty to be captivating. The Zoar Valley Area is meant for skilled outdoor enthusiasts. It’s not meant for leisurely strolling. The area has dangerous cliffs along with fast moving water, so visitors are advised to be skilled in outdoor adventures before attempting to visit the area. One last note is that Zoar Valley is home to a nudist area, so there will be chances of seeing the magnificence of the human existence as well. If you are looking for loveliness in its raw form, Zoar Valley is a great place to find it.