10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

whiteface mountain steps

6) Whiteface Mountain Steps

Let the beauty lie in accomplishment, and climb the rocks that make the Whiteface Mountain Steps. Whiteface Mountain is located in Wilmington, New York. Embedded into the side of the mountain are stone steps and a handrail meant to guide hikers to the top of the mountain. When you reach summit of one of the highest mountain peaks in the Adirondacks, the view is grand. Make sure you take the time to stop at all nine of the overlook stops when you reach the peak, as each one offers its own breathtaking view of the region. You can literally see areas in Vermont and Canada. Some people have even claimed to see skyscrapers in Montreal on extremely clear days. Views are not all that sit atop the mountain—a castle made of granite that dates back to the Great Depression also overlooks the region. If you see magnificence as a sense of accomplishment, a hike up the Whiteface Mountain Steps will capture splendor in all its interpretations.