10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World


6) Colombia

Colombia shows off some of the best natural beauty that South America has to offer. There is an incredible variety of natural features, including coastal mountains, rainforests, and beaches. Perhaps one of the most stunning things in Colombia is the Caño Cristales. During part of the year, this river becomes brightly colored with vivid shades of pink and red. This particular body of water is not the only one known for its chromatic range. The water surrounding the San Andres archipelago is known as the “sea of seven colors” and is home to various reefs around the islands. In addition to the water, the rainforests of Colombia impart natural beauty. These areas are lush and full of native plants and animals, and the nearby Pacific Coast is a great place to spot humpback whales. Also on the shores of Colombia lies Parque Tayrona, which has blue-water beaches near the green-covered Sierra Nevada mountains.