10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World


2) Finland

Finland boasts a unique natural beauty filled with stunning ice landscapes, vivid forests, and serene lakes. Much of Finland has snow for large portions of the year, which makes for scenes with a winter wonderland vibe. For instance, the Yallis Mountain and its surrounding area offer a vision of pure white snow over mountains and valleys. The Oulanka National Park also has an icy beauty during the winter, as the rapids and waterfalls become lined on the shore with snow-laden trees. Uto Island in winter is also particularly attractive, with a misty overlay on top of the ice and rocks. Even aside from the snow, Finland has natural attractions. Koli is a hilly area with dense tree cover and a view overlooking the water. Repovesi National Park also has a calm lake surrounded by cliffs and trees, and there are spots for rock climbing and camping for those who wish to spend more time surrounded by nature.