10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World


5) New Zealand

New Zealand is perhaps most well-known for its amazing scenery. In fact, the popular Lord of the Rings films took advantage of some of this natural beauty for filming locations, including the rolling green fields that the country has. Some of the other remarkable sites in New Zealand encompass rocky coasts, rivers, mountains, and lush rainforests. The Waikato River stands apart as a particularly astounding body of water due to its intense blue color, and is also the sink of waterfalls. Some of the New Zealand beaches have unconventionally beautiful coastlines, with large rock formations, vegetation, and even, at the Waitakere beaches, black sand. Tongariro National Park has interesting and different sights to offer, including volcanoes and a Red Crater with an area known as the “Gates of Hell” due to its red, rocky appearance. In contrast, there is the very green Milford Track, which is a famous hiking trail through an area ripe with mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.