10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World


4) Indonesia

Indonesia is home to some of the most astounding mountain and water sites in the world. It has multiple islands with sandy white beaches surrounded by sparkling blue water. Some of the islands are prime diving spots, since the water is clear and there are reefs nearby. Some of the islands are even volcanic, including the Krakatoa archipelago, which remains active today. The Mount Flores Volcano on a separate island is particularly special due to its crater lakes, which appear to have different colors within them. In addition to towering mountains and volcanoes, there are also cave systems. The Goa Gong Cave is well-known and is considered one of the best caves in the region. The cave is full of gleaming stalactites and stalagmites, as well as underground pools. Somewhat close by, there is the Green Canyon, which has valleys, rivers, and forests hidden away to form an area of natural wonder.