10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World


3) South Africa

South Africa lies, as the name suggests, at the southernmost point on the African continent. The country has natural beauty ranging from rock formations to wetlands to reefs. Coffee Bay offers a view of the beauty of the shoreline. The area has cliffs and green-covered hills, as well as manmade huts. It is a great area for people to explore nature and have fun in the water. One of the most interesting natural wonders in South Africa is the Bourke’s Luck potholes. These are a series of irregular pools of water carved out of the stone of the Blyde River Canyon. Another particularly wondrous site is the Sodwana Bay’s Seven Mile Reef, which is a fantastic place for divers. The water in the area is clear and there is a wide array of aquatic animals including tropical fish, eels, and turtles. The Elephant Coast has wetlands which are another area where one can partake in water sports, and here there are also wild beaches with many birds overhead.