9 Of the Weirdest Vacation Destinations in Florida

Whether you’re a Florida resident, just visiting, or a tourist on vacation, finding something unique and different to do can be a mind numbing and daunting task. But if you’ve had enough of the big brand theme parks that are overpriced, overcrowded and more recently not the safest places to spend your time and money, you’re probably in search of something different. Mini golf is always fun once in a blue moon, but it’s always the same experience. So, what do you do to fill your need for a weekend adventure close to home and more importantly close to your budget. Try a trip to one of these strange and unusual Florida destinations with your favorite traveling companions and make some new and unforgettable memories.

1) Homestead Florida, The Coral Castle

The Coral Castle and museum in Homestead Florida has been attracting tourists and curiosity seekers since the early 1950’s. These unique, monolithic structures are the vision of one man, Ed Leedskalnin. Between 1923 and 1951 Mr. Leedskalnin carved and moved over 1100 tons of coral rock to create a one of a kind seemingly mythical wonderland. One of the most amazing aspects of the castles construction is that Ed was only a shade over five feet tall and weighed a mere 100 pounds. No one ever actually saw Ed building the castle, but every time someone visited, there would be new and bigger sculptures. According to local folklore about Ed, he claimed to know the secrets of the pyramids. True or not, one of the Castles features is a 9-ton gate that moves with just a touch of the finger.