9 Of the Weirdest Vacation Destinations in Florida

9) Miami Florida, The Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle in Miami Florida is a 30-acre wildlife park for the exhibition and study of endangered monkeys in semi-natural habitats. Founded in 1935 by Joseph DuMond, an animal behaviorist who chose the southern Miami-Dade County for its natural sub-tropical climate. Visitors are welcomed into the sanctuary by the Java monkey troop. One of the few simian species who can function in water. These skilled divers can hunt for clams, crabs and other shellfish in their natural environment. The preserve is also home to a troop of gorillas in the Cameroon Gorilla Forest. Witness these greatest of apes as they interact with their handlers. The Monkey Jungle is well equipped to handle birthday parties and special events. Checkout the website and make your plans to visit the Monkey Jungle the next time you’re in Miami.