11 Best Places to Live in New England

As one of the most sought-after regions in the U.S., New England is a gold mine for picturesque coastal towns. What makes people want to live in one of these six states? Maybe it’s the laid-back and rugged vibes stemming from the region’s deep roots in the fishing industry. Or perhaps it’s the unlimited access to nature reserves, mountains, state parks, and wildlife refuges, which are found scattered across every state. It could also be New England’s rising reputation as a culinary hotspot with more bistros, gastro pubs and one-of-a-kind restaurants popping up every day. Or maybe it’s the awesome sense of humor that many native New Englanders possess. Whatever the reason, there are many perks to living in the northeast. Here are our picks for the 11 best places to live in New England.

1) Portland, Maine

With a quaint waterfront, loads off offshore islands to explore, and a blossoming foodie scene, Portland is making quite a name for itself. At its core, this city is a fishing town and the evidence of this is clearly seen on Commercial Street. One of the city’s main drags, the waterfront street has seafood markets and lobster boats docking on one side and specialty boutiques on the other. The rough around the edges vibe blends with the city’s rising reputation as a hipster’s paradise, making Portland a super cool place to live. The Old Port is incredibly charming with funky coffee shops, locally made products, and gastro pub-style restaurants. In the last decade, Portland has expanded its culinary scene and tops the best foodie destination lists. There are also dozens of lively bars around the downtown area, so going out with friends or meeting new folks is easy and fun.