9 Of the Weirdest Vacation Destinations in Florida

8) Ochopee Florida, The Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

The infamous Florida Everglades are home to the Skunk Ape, a large, hairy, two-legged beast that got its less than friendly name from the awful odor it emits. It’s said to be similar to rotten eggs or methane gas. The research organization was started by Dave Shealy whose family roots in the Everglade’s can be traced back to the 1800’s. Dave had his first encounter with the legendary creature at the age of ten while hunting with his brother. He’s since had three confirmed encounters with the smelly beast. His research is widely recognized in the cryptozoology community. Dave has also appeared on television in America and across Europe discussing the subject. Contact Dave to receive information about Skunk Ape tours of the Everglades.


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Joseph Frevola

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