9 Best Cruises for Seniors

mediterranean cruiseTravelling is great, but it is also time consuming and tiring. There are the endless ticket arrangements, coordinating local travel plans, hiring private cars or taxis, finding places to eat, coming up with daily tour ideas; and all of these things can strain even the most experienced travelers. This strain may be especially difficult for the senior traveler, who in addition may have mobility or health issues which complicate everything. For these reasons, many seniors are finding cruises as their preferred way to see the world. Seniors have different needs, however, like different fitness levels and some will simply want spectacular scenic cruising while others will prefer a cruise that offers chances to disembark in various ports of call.

To introduce you to the possibilities for those 55+ years, here are 9 great travel voyages for seniors. These cruises are on the list because they offer a range of accommodation and dining choices, activities for people with different ability levels; enrichment activities like lectures; and amenities and services that can often be tailored for personal health and dietary needs. Prices will vary, although you can find deals for all of them.

1) Mediterranean Sea

There are many reasons why the Mediterranean remains one of the top spots for senior cruises; and one of them is the sheer choice in itineraries that cruise lines offer. Mediterranean cruises can include travel stops in Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and even the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. You can decide whether you’d like to see the spectacular Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje), the majestic Coliseum in Rome, the breathtaking gardens of Marseilles, the beauty of Naples, or the Parthenon in Greece. If you’re a senior who likes to disembark at different ports, and immerse yourself in culture, these cruises will be ideal for you. Points of departure are often either Spain or Italy, depending on the particular cruise ship you pick. You should avoid this cruise in the summer if you don’t like crowds.