8 Hidden Locations In Michigan

atwater brewery

3) Atwater Brewery

Detroit is known for its brewing, and Atwater Brewery is one of the best places for beer lovers to visit when in Michigan. The owners pride themselves on following in the tradition of old-style German brewing and import virtually everything, from the equipment to make the beer, to the hops and malts that are used to create lagers. The results are beers which rival even the greatest of German lagers. The brewery’s specialty ales are all American, however, and are known for their uniquely crisp and appealing tastes. The brewery has a tap room as well, where you can go and sample the wares from Tuesday through Sunday. With a slogan “We drink all we can and sell the rest”, you know that you will be in store for a great beer brewed by people who genuinely love what they do and are using techniques that date back hundreds and hundreds of years.