8 Hidden Locations in North Carolina

wiseman's viewNorth Carolina has a wide variety of attractions for everyone. But if you’re looking for something a little different and away from the crowd, there are places which are off the beaten path and lesser known. Some are only known to locals. You’ll be amazed at what you can find if you look for them. From wild horses, to beautiful hidden sites and odd attractions, these are some of the little-known secret places in this beautiful state. To create a unique travel experience, we’ve compiled a list about these 8 hidden locations in North Carolina you should visit if you’re up for a new adventure.

1) Wiseman’s View, Linville

It may be tricky to get to, but you won’t regret the trip once you get to the top. After a long drive up a four mile long, winding dirt road, you will arrive at the start of a dirt track. After walking for a few hundred metres, you’ll finally get to the top of this hill. And it will be worth every second you spent getting there. Located in Linville Gorge, the view from the top off this hill is not to be missed. A safe location that will be reassuring even for those afraid of heights, you can get great photos from behind the fence. Going off the beaten path a little will reward you with secluded, private spots where you can appreciate the beauty of nature undisturbed. One of the local’s best kept secrets, this spot is perfect for taking a picnic and simply enjoying the atmosphere of the surrounding mountains.