7 Places to Visit While the US Dollar is Strong


7) France

Nothing says romantic fantasy vacation quite like France. Paris is a city of immense sensuality, artistic integrity, world class fine dining, and personal liberation. France, as part of the European Union, utilizes the Euro as its currency. Your first thought might be that the American dollar is actually worth less than a Euro. This is entirely true, however the exchange rate between dollars and euros has increased by approximately 22 percent recently, making the US dollar worth 0.90 euro, which is a great deal considering past economic trends. While the dollar still isn’t worth as much as the Euro, there is no better time than now to go on the dream getaway through Europe that you’ve been scraping pennies for since graduating high school. With the upcoming US presidential election, the chances of the rates fluctuating again are pretty high, putting you at risk of dollar depreciation before you can visit the Eiffel Tower and indulge in artisan pastries.