7 Places to Visit While the US Dollar is Strong


4) Belize

Belize might as well be our country’s low key next door neighbor. For those who don’t like to travel far, the Central American country is tucked just below Mexico, and it is the only country in the region that is fluent in English. Due to its size, Belize can be explored in its entirety in just a few days, and travelers can do so by boat or public transportation. A low budget trip to Belize would cost about 39 Belize dollars, which is equivalent to only $20 USD. A high budget luxury vacation would average at about $115 per day, and that includes food, lodging, transportation, and activities. The country is quaint and kisses the Caribbean, offering a plethora of aquatic activities such as yachting, fishing, swimming, and scuba diving. Other outdoor recreation such as the zipline or horseback riding will allow you to explore the landscape and indulge in the natural and tropical beauty of Belize.