7 Places to Visit While the US Dollar is Strong


5) Egypt

History buffs are better off taking advantage of a near future trip to Egypt. Home to one of the seven wonders, Egypt’s ancient cultural influence on the rest of the world is worth the American dollars spent. The ancient pyramids are a magnificent spectacle that still stand today, the Nile River is the longest in the world, holding Biblical significance. Amazingly, a fully accommodated trip to Egypt will cost less than $100 USD per day but will earn you a lifetime of memories. Other expenses might include admission to a museum, which is roughly $15 per person and will showcase some of the country’s most sacred treasures and relics. Because of its history, Egypt is a major tourist attraction. Your best bet is to befriend someone who is native to the country, or has been local to the area for a while, and hire them as your personal tour guide to get the most authentic experience.