7 Places to Visit While the US Dollar is Strong


The value of the US dollar versus other currencies fluctuates constantly. At any moment in time, the conversion rate can be very favorable. Currently, the US dollar has massive buying power if you travel to certain countries. You can certainly get more value for your dollar on purchases, travel and overall experience such as history, beauty and wonder. You may be amazed to find out which places made our list and how much you can get for one US dollar in these interesting and exotic places. Here are just 7 places to visit while the US dollar is strong.

1) Croatia

Croatia is a gorgeous destination loaded with crystal clear beaches, vibrant green foliage, ancient monasteries, and luxury resorts. Currently, the American dollar is worth approximately 6.82 Croatian Kuna. This means that for just $101 USD per day you can experience an extremely comfortable and all inclusive trip to the coast of Split, Croatia. In comparison, $101 might get you a single night at a nearby Best Western in the United States with a complimentary continental breakfast if you are lucky. The magic of spending your hard earned American dollars in Croatia is that the country doesn’t skimp on hospitality. A mid range budget vacation will come with lodging or accommodation, food, water, local transportation, entertainment, guidance, souvenirs, and even alcohol. All of that reaches an average cost of 687.87 Croatian Kuna per day, or as previously mentioned, $101 USD per day.