11 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

8) Japan

A fascinating culture and booming economy makes Japan a great place to live and to visit. The Asian country scored low marks in many key categories like civil unrest, violent crime, violent demonstrations, and homicides. In fact, Japan’s murder rate is one of the lowest in the world. Street crime and drug use is very minimal. Glowing report card aside, Japanese people are also known for their calm presence, humble demeanor, and respectful culture. Travelers in Japan can enjoy many ornately decorated shrines and temples, multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and countless museums. See a bit of action with a trip to a sumo-stadium, such as Ryogoku Kokugikan. There’s also several deeply spiritual grounds that focus on Japan’s powerful Buddhist culture. Don’t forget about the world-famous bloom of the cherry blossom trees in spring. Sounds like the perfect place to vacation!