11 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

10) Denmark

The Danes join their Nordic Swedish and Finnish neighbors as another of the world’s most peaceful countries. Denmark posted low scores in levels of violent crime, likelihood of violent demonstrations, and hostility towards foreigners. They scored well in categories including political stability, freedom of the press, and respect for human rights. Interestingly, Denmark also ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. Perhaps due to generous maternity/paternity leave contracts, supportive healthcare system, and the collective responsibility Danish citizens feel for one another. Sounds like a modern-day Pleasantville! Denmark is known for its’ high bicycle use; 50% of commuting is done via bike! Good for the health and the environment. Denmark is also full of interesting attractions. Tourists can visit the iconic lighthouse slowly being consumed with sand, and watch a spectacular sunset at the same time. The west coast also boats natural beaches, sand dunes, and scenic landscapes.