11 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

11) Slovenia

Sandwiched between Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy, this small central European nation has a strong internal culture. Slovenia, clouded in conflict during the time of their split from Yugoslavia, has since established a stable democracy and strong human rights standards. Slovenia became independent in 1991. Despite the war that ravaged the region in the 90s, Slovenia managed to form strong relationships with neighboring countries and has been thriving ever since. Slovenia boasts extremely low scores in homicide rates and violent crimes. The number of incarcerated citizens is also low. Travelers in Slovenia will have plenty to keep them occupied like the charming capital of Ljubljana, flaunting its historical flair of 20th century architecture. Not to mention, the world-class skiing and hiking in the Alps. Don’t miss the mind-boggling ancient cave systems and the impressive medieval castles and historical churches. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy yourself in this country!