11 Most Mysterious Places in the U.S.

8) Oregon Vortex

Even scientists can’t fully explain the weird things that happen within this house’s boundaries. Gold Hill, Oregon is home to a mysterious site known to change people’s height. It’s also said that animals are repelled as soon as they come close to the house. If that isn’t bizarre enough, throw in rumors of brooms standing on their own within the house’s walls. These strange happenings are thought to be caused by a strong magnetic gravitational force, but nothing has been proven for sure. The Oregon Vortex has caught the attention of people nation-wide. The crew from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files investigated in 2012. Sure enough, horses abruptly avoided going within the house’s “circle” at all costs. Additionally, they discovered there was indeed a “height change” phenomenon. This is highly debated as to whether the height change is an optical illusion or if it’s due to other factors.