11 Most Mysterious Places in the U.S.

Uladzik Kryhin /

10) Georgia Guidestones

Elbert County, Georgia is the site of a mysterious project contracted by an even more mysterious stranger. Robert C. Christian approached The Elbert Granite Finishing Company in 1979 and proposed his project, named the Georgia Guidestones. The main structure, composed of four massive granite slabs, stands erect around another central granite slab of the same size. A capstone lies across all five slabs at the height of 19.3 feet. The oddest and slightly ominous part of the structure is the inscription on each of the eight granite faces. They were declared the 10 guidelines for the Age of Reason. Each granite face has the same inscription, but in another language. Eight languages are represented; English, Spanish, Swahili, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian. Once the construction was complete, mastermind Christian promptly disappeared. The message, purpose, and true identity of the creator remain unknown. Very mysterious, indeed.