11 Most Mysterious Places in the U.S.

7) Eternal Flame Falls

The flame that never burns out; it’s the fire that never dies. This isn’t the beginning of a hopelessly romantic novel – it’s what actually occurs in Chestnut Creek Park, New York. Behind the small, 30-foot high waterfall in Shale Creek Preserve is a small nook that emits a natural ethane and propane gas. This gas is flammable and thus can be lit, creating the 4-8-inch flame seen by visitors peering through the flowing water. The flame can occasionally be extinguished, but easily lit again due to the constant supply of natural gas. The Eternal Flame Falls is an hour walk from the parking lot. The trek is often muddy, and contains downed trees, but it’s worth it to see this highly unique waterfall. Be sure to bring a lighter with you so you can relight the gas in the event the flowing water has put it out.