11 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Vacation Home

6) Thailand

The last country in Southeast Asia on this list is Thailand. Thailand in itself is legendary for a variety of things such as food, amenities and nightlife. The Thai culture is fun, friendly and most importantly open to tourists. Whether you are backpacking around the world, or a luxury traveler, Thailand has the hospitality and services to support a variety of tourists. Owning a vacation home in Thailand is relatively easy and extremely easy to rent out while you are away. You can purchase a high-rise condo with amazing views for $30,000, or a more luxurious 2 or 3-bedroom home with a pool and gorgeous garden for $60,000. Thailand offers more comfort for many Americans and Europeans, at comparable costs to Vietnam and Cambodia. Thailand is a country where you can eat delicious food on a dime, relax on the beach or enjoy an amazing, and often adventurous nightlife for almost nothing.