11 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Vacation Home

11) Philippines

The last place on our list is a tropical island paradise. The Philippines have been welcoming Americans for decades and Americans rush to any of the islands in droves. White sands, great climate and temperatures, and affordability to make you feel like you are royalty. Buying a vacation home in the Philippines may be a little trickier than other destinations on the list. As a foreigner you can purchase a condo without issue and for many people a condo is the perfect vacation home as it often comes with amenities a single-family home may not have. However, if you truly want to own a single-family vacation home with a yard, you may have to open a corporation within the Philippines. Whichever vacation home you desire, there are many benefits in having one, and you should do your homework. The Philippines offer a very low cost of living and a high tourism population that you can rent out to year long. In fact, the islands are such a pull for tourists that many vacation properties have a long waiting list of tourists who are looking to rent a place to stay for a week. As a source of income this place is thriving, as a retreat for yourself, the islands are relaxing.