11 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Vacation Home


3) Quito, Ecuador

One of the great things about Ecuador is that it is already an ex-pat country for Americans. There are many young and vibrant towns throughout Ecuador, and especially along the coast that Americans can find many similarities to the U.S. For anyone looking to get away and live in another country, Ecuador seems to be primed for you. The next best thing about Quito is that they use the American dollar for currency. This was a decision made by the local government to control their inflation rate, and it’s worked as prices have remained flat for over a decade. Quito is one of the towns where it is cheaper for you to eat out at any of their dozens of small shops than it would be to shop on a budget and cook for yourself in the States. Housing is just as inexpensive. You can buy a house, or condo, for less than $50,000, and pay someone to manage it while you’re gone for pennies compared to other tourist locations.