11 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Vacation Home

5) Vietnam

Vietnam has become a growing tourism market. It used to be very difficult for any foreigner to even buy property in Vietnam. You had to start or own a business in the country in order to own property if you were an outsider. However, in recent years, Vietnam has eliminated those requirements and allows nearly anyone to be able to purchase property. If you want to own a vacation home, it is suggested that you purchase one close to a resort town. There are several reasons, but primarily it is because of the amenities that either come with the home, or are close to it. These amenities can include pools, tennis courts and nice dining.
You need to be careful when buying a property because if you simply say you are looking for a vacation home, you will primarily be shown million dollar estates on the beach. However, if you look around on your own you will surely find extremely affordable homes and condos ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 in resort areas. Like much of Southeast Asia, food is very inexpensive and Vietnam is well known for its inexpensive labor so you would probably be able to afford housekeeping and a personal cook during your stay. A big bonus for owning a vacation home in Vietnam is the number of tourists looking to rent a nice home while visiting. You likely won’t run out of tourist rental throughout the year.