11 Best Vacation Islands on Earth

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7) Sardinia

The Italian island of Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, lying off Italy’s west coast in the middle of the brilliant-blue waters. Sardinia’s accessibility and charm make it a popular holiday location for both Italian locals and tourists. White sand and blue seas surround a mountainous interior creating a diverse landscape that’s great for many vacation styles. Soaring cliffs and white powder sand gives Sardinia bragging rights to some of the best beaches in Europe. Walking these cliffs offers spanning views that will take your breath away. In contrast, Sardinia’s inland is completely different. Rare wildlife, forests and herds of sheep rule this area. The food is also unique. Sardinia makes its own wine and cheese and puts a twist on the country’s culinary pasta dishes. Sardinia may be a part of Italy, but you’ll soon understand why people say it feels like a separate country.