9 Most Adrenaline Rushing Vacations!

Theme parks these days are better than ever, with interactive rides and new thrills added on occasion. But, after a while it becomes old and you begin to crave more of that adrenaline rush, or maybe you’re just a born adrenaline junkie. Either way it’s tough to find something to do with your hard-earned vacation time that satisfies that drive to find that thrill again. Now, for those into mountaineering, rock climbing or racing (to name a few) you know how to get that rush. However, for those of you out there who want something more but aren’t sure what your particular jam is… Here are a few ideas to try.

1) Shark Diving in Oahu

Off Oahu’s beautiful north shore, experience what it’s like to be in the same water as the ocean’s greatest predators. Witness the power of these great beasts who have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to do little more than hunt, eat and reproduce more sharks. A crew of experienced professional divers well versed in the behavior of these mighty animals and the many different species that call the pacific waters of Hawaii home will guide you. You will be lowered into the water in a shark cage to bring you face to face with the black eyes and rows of teeth that have inspired some of the greatest tales and legends throughout history. Common sightings include gray reef sharks, sandbar sharks and hammerhead sharks, some of the many species that call Hawaii their home.