11 Best Vacation Islands on Earth

6) Malta

Just off Italy’s southernmost point is Malta, a European island nation with a beautifully preserved history, rugged landscapes, and secluded coves and beaches. The Maltese islands are an archipelago of nearly two dozen, however just three of the largest ones are inhabited. The two largest and most frequently visited are Gozo and Malta proper. Gozo is more rural than Malta, and less developed. It’s known for scuba diving, scenic hills, and its fishing villages. It also boasts some striking natural features like the Wied il-Mielah Window, a magnificent limestone arch over the water. A 25-minute ferry ride away is the largest island of Malta, the country’s cultural and administrative hub. Here visitors can enjoy sightseeing several Baroque style cathedrals and history museums. Don’t forget – Malta is a Mediterranean island. Beaches are plentiful, and their dramatic rocky shorelines just beg to be explored.