11 Best Vacation Islands on Earth

3) Kauai, Hawaii

Considered by many to be the best Hawaiian island to visit, Kauai has no problem living up to visitors’ high expectations. The oldest island in the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands is magical. It’s rugged and pristine nature is probably its most alluring feature, although it’s hard to pick just one. Sandwiched between sky high cliffs and turquoise waters, Kauai’s golden-sand beaches are breathtaking. Head to Hanalei Bay for plenty of sunning, surfing, and perfectly-painted sunsets. You won’t be disappointed. Despite all its beauty, Kauai is a bit of an adventurer’s paradise. Hiking here is absolutely incredible (albeit challenging) and yields stunning views not accessible by vehicle. Waimea Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, regularly blows people away with its lush greenery, valleys, gorges, buttes, and multiple waterfalls. Then there’s sea-kayaking and snorkeling if relaxing on the sand is too much to ask.