10 Dangerous Destinations for Travelers

10) North Korea

The hermit kingdom isn’t on the traditional Asian travel circuit, but guided government tours are increasingly popular. The government is secretive and well known for its propaganda. Most of the world considers it a totalitarian dictatorship guilty of massive human rights abuses. Initially these tours primarily focused on the capital of Pyongyang, but have begun to expand to other areas. Tourists are not allowed to explore without guides, photography rules are quite strict, and for the safety of you and your guides, it is essential to keep any negative feelings toward leader Kim Jong Un to yourself. Breaking rules that might seem minor can result in being detained indefinitely. American Jeffrey Fowle was detained for 170 days for leaving a Bible in a nightclub. Otto Warmbier is currently serving 15 years for stealing a souvenir propaganda poster. For this reason, the U.S. State Department advises against any travel to the country whatsoever.