10 Best Places to Live in Florida


9) Weston

Weston, Florida is a small city of just over 65,000 people located in Broward County. Just shy of vetting spot in the AreaVibes top 100 places to live in Florida, Weston is a highly desirable place to live for reasons that can easily be measured. The crime rate in Weston is an impressive 84 percent lower than the rest of Florida and the high school graduation rate is 16 percent higher. The people of Weston are big earners with a median household income that is almost 100 percent higher than the Florida average. The unemployment rate in Weston is low, and the temperature is comfortable, rarely going higher than 82 degrees. Where Weston really shines, however, is in its culture with a number of fascinating historical sites, museums and nature reserves bringing in tourists from far and wide.