10 Best Places to Live in Florida


2) Naples

Naples always pops up on Florida’s liveability indexes as a highly desirable place to live and on AreaVibes index it ranks at a very impressive number 14. Located in southwest Florida, Naples has a large population of around 200,000 people, but many of those living there disappear during the long, humid summer. Naples has a low crime rate, but at 32 percent below the state average it’s not the lowest in Florida. It also has a good school system with a high school graduation rate that’s an impressive 15 percent higher than the average. The city’s gorgeous, pedestrian-friendly downtown area and, of course, beautiful beaches, make it one of the best places to live in Florida if you can afford it. The cost of buying a home in Naples is an eye-watering 333 percent higher than the rest of Florida and the cost of living is 67 percent higher. No wonder Naples is home to a number of millionaires.