10 Best Places to Live in Ohio


When given the freedom of relocating, choosing a city or town to form new roots can be quite challenging, and somewhat stressful. Regardless of employment status, financial flexibility, family commitments, educational requirements, or whatever path you follow, moving can be an exciting time in your life. There are, however, many details to consider when planning to call a new location your home. Jobs, quality of schools, access to shopping and dining, as well as entertainment and amenities, are all things to take into consideration. We’ve factored these items into our 10 best places to live in Ohio.

1) Hilliard

Hilliard is a bustling suburb of Columbus with a small yet dynamic population. The city holds approximately 30,000 residents, however the local economy thrives on local business and nightly entertainment. The Hilliard community values art and culture while preserving its history with annual events such as the Old Hilliardfest. The Early Television Museum reflects on the development of broadcast entertainment and provides a fun yet educational experience for viewers across the board. When it comes to nightlife, Hilliard is no stranger to an array of sports bars as well as the local Movie Tavern. Residents and visitors looking to branch out in search of weekend activities are delighted to learn that Columbus, the largest city in Ohio, is a mere 18 miles away.