10 Best Places to Live in Florida

cape coral

7) Cape Coral

Cape Coral is known as the ‘waterfront wonderland’, a whimsical nickname for a place with more miles of canal than anywhere else in the world. A large city of over 150,000 people, located between Tampa and Miami, Cape Coral enjoys an impressively low crime rate — 47 percent below the Florida average. Residents of Cape Coral enjoy a particularly low tax rate so they have plenty of money left over to spend on the great restaurants, shops and cultural venues as well as an annual roster of fun festivals. The annual Independence Day festival, Oktoberfest and regular art and music festivals draw crowds from all over Florida. The cost of living in Cape Coral isn’t as high as you’d expect. In fact, it’s absolutely average for the state of Florida. House prices and household income are only slightly above average. With its affordability, beauty, and culture, Cape Coral sounds far too good to be true.