10 Best Places to Live in Florida


10) Celebration

A master-planned community originally designed by the Walt Disney Company, Celebration is a perfect little town located just a stone’s throw from the Walt Disney World Resort. It may feel a little like living in a show home, carefully constructed within a whole show town, but the residents of Celebration get to live and work in buildings designed by some of the best-known architects in the world. Surprisingly, the town that is actually a part of Disney World does not occupy the number one spot on AreaVibes liveability index. Celebration is actually 13th. All of the quality of living stats rank high with a crime rate that is 67 percent lower than the state average and a high school graduation rate that is 18 percent higher. The cost of buying a home in Celebration isn’t the highest on this list at 131 percent higher than the state average, and the cost of living isn’t so bad either at just 29 percent above average. Now that’s something to celebrate.