10 Best Places to Live in Florida

nicevilleFor many, making the move to start a new life in the sunshine state would be a dream come true. The cost of living in Florida is surprisingly low and many of its suburbs and small towns have impressively low crime rates. Lots of tourism means lots of job opportunities. The state’s manufacturing and financial industries are also flourishing with job openings. The weather can be temperamental, but the temperature is warm mostly all year-round. Where should you start to figure out what places are the best to live? Read on for our 10 best places to live in Florida.

1) Niceville

It would have been tempting to include Niceville on our list of the 10 best places to live in Florida based on name alone, but luckily Niceville has more than earned its place for other reasons. Ranked as the ninth most liveable place in Florida according to AreaVibes, Niceville is simply a very nice place to be. Located in Okaloosa County, Niceville is part of the northwest region of Florida, and its unusual name was chosen by the postmaster’s daughter. In Niceville there is hardly any crime with a crime rate that is 67 percent lower than the state average. Niceville is a great place to raise a family as it has an impressive school system with high school graduation rates that are eight percent higher than average. Niceville is full of great amenities, and is, affordable for most. Home prices are just 15 percent higher than the Florida average and the cost of living is actually 6 percent lower.