9 Hidden Locations in Florida

Peanut island

7) JFK Bomb Shelter at Peanut Island

A most unusual thing sits on Florida’s Peanut Island, a bomb shelter built in 1961 for president John F. Kennedy. It was created during the Cuban Missile Crises as a safe haven for the president if the missiles were ever launched. Peanut Island can only be accessed by boat and is usually full of partyers. That is why many would find this a most unusual place for such a bunker to be located. The museum is operated by the Palm Beach Maritime Museum. It is viewed in the same manner by which was originally constructed with the exception of a few minor things. Visitors will see a small space with shelves stocked with essential items for the survival of whomever is inside, such as drinking water and gas masks. Although the tour is a bit eerie, it is something worth seeing. You never know, there may be a chance that you’ll need something similar if world conditions escalate to the point of having to take immediate shelter.