9 Hidden Locations in Florida

Coral castle

6) Coral Castle Museum

If you visit South Florida, don’t miss the chance to visit the Coral Castle Museum, a lovely stone garden made by a singular person, Ed Leedskalnin. Ed’s work began in 1923 ending in 1951. However, no one even knew he was working on this stone garden because his work was done secretively. The garden has more than 1,100 tons of coral rock. Visitors will see a Polaris telescope, a 9-ton gate, which operates with the simple touch and some really cool rocking chairs made out of stone. It is a stone oasis, which is beautifully laid out for all to see. No one seems to know how this was all created without any modern methods that are so widely used today. Part of the excitement of the museum is all of the mystery surrounding it. The Coral Castle stone structures are thought to be worked on by Ed Leedskalnin after he experienced heartbreak by his teen-age girlfriend. Regardless of why he created the Coral Castle, it stands as a testament of his talent and determination to create something magnificent.