9 Of the Weirdest Vacation Destinations In California

7) Integration Sound Dome, Mojave Desert

NASA physicist George Van Tassel created this hidden gem in the desert near Yucca Valley. He claimed extraterrestrials from Venus imparted the building instructions to him, stating this machine could rejuvenate living cell tissues. Once you enter, you’ll experience the the only acoustically perfect wooden sound chamber in the U.S. The building was constructed perfectly without the use of nails. Instead, Van Tassel used plywood with dowels and fiberglass built on a 1.5 ton cement ring. His theory was it would serve as a time and rejuvenation machine, as well as an anti-gravity device. He worked on it until his sudden death in 1978, and never got to test his creation. In 1992 it withstood a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. In 2000 it was purchased by the Karle sisters, who treat visitors to 30-minute sound baths. Afterwards, standing in the center, you can experience the reverberation of your own voice!


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