9 Hidden Locations in California

Morro Bay
California has many well-known landmarks and destinations. What may be lesser known are the hundreds of hidden travel destinations for the curious adventurer. If a case of wanderlust has set in, and you truly want to make your next trip exciting, why not do a little California dreaming and venture on the path less traveled? We’ve uncovered some hidden gems and out of the way places that are unforgettable, even for seasoned travelers. If you’re in the mood for a genuinely memorable travel experience, we suggest you take note of these hidden gems and add them to your next adventurous itinerary.

1) Morro Bay

Situated along a stretch of the Pacific Coast, Morro Bay is half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Bay is a charming fishing village with amazing sights, eclectic cafes and specialty shops. A hidden gem, Morro is a great escape from the busier, tourist dominated attractions of coastal California that experiences pleasant weather all year round. One of the most noticeable landmarks of the city is Morro Rock, a volcanic plug that is 581-feet deep. It provides for some great photo opportunities, so amply pack cameras, lenses and plenty of leisure time.