9 Hidden Locations in New York Worth Finding

Greenacre Park

Aside from all the touristy attractions in New York City, there are literally hundreds of off-the-beaten path gems worth uncovering, especially if you’re a history buff and take a shine to iconic places. These are hidden destinations at once curious and cultural, so here are a few we think most travelers to the Big Apple will definitely love.

1) Greenacre Park

Anyone traveling to New York City can expect a lot of hustle and bustle. However, if you want to escape the crowds and noise, we recommend you visit one of the city’s many inconspicuous parks. One example is Greenacre Park on 51st Street in Midtown. Visible from the street and easily accessed, there are moveable tables and chairs, which makes Greenacre Park perfect for a picnic or cocktails.

There are even tall trees to shield you from the sun and a beautiful 25-foot waterfall, which serves as the focal point of the park, will cool you down in summer. Small and quaint, this park is ideal for an afternoon get-a-way in the heart of New York City.