9 Cheapest Island Vacation Destinations in the World

Think you can’t afford an island vacation? Think again. There are a surprising number of islands you can visit for much less than you’d think. Did you know it’s possible to purchase a round trip flight to the Caribbean for less than $300? Or eat and drink to your heart’s content on a tropical beach for less than what you’d pay for a fast food meal at home? From exotic South East Asian destinations, to the alluring shores of the Caribbean, to the downright stunning isles of the Mediterranean, we’ve sought out the 9 cheapest and most beautiful island vacation destinations.

1) Varadero, Cuba

Just an hour and 20-minute flight off the coast of Florida, Cuba awaits, beckoning the adventurous sunseeker. While it’s still difficult for Americans to cut through the red tape surrounding the Cuban visa process, the island country is open for most others. Many describe entering Cuba is like taking a step back in time. This makes sense as soon as you see the classic cars cruise by and the brightly colored houses and buildings. Another vintage aspect of Cuba visitors will appreciate are the prices. In general, travel is cheap. Varadero in particular is known for its sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts that line the shore. Two and three-star all-inclusive resorts start under $100/person/night. Starfish Varadero offers their 3 1\2-star accommodation for $150/person/night. Free meals and beverages at multiple on site restaurants, 2 outdoor pools, and multiple bars and lounges makes this a great deal.