13 Countries That Love Americans

Cris Foto /

When you meet someone while you’re traveling, the first thing they’ll usually ask is where you’re from. In some countries, peoples’ eyes will light up when you say you’re from the United States. People will want to know what state you’re from, and they may ask for tips on traveling in the USA. They may also want to talk to you about their favorite parts of American pop culture, like their favorite music or movies. Throughout the world, you’ll find countries where people are excited to hear that you’re from America. You’ll find these countries on every continent, from Asia to Europe to South America. If you’re thinking of traveling soon, here are thirteen countries where Americans get a nice welcome.

1) Japan

As an American in Japan, you’ll typically get a warm welcome from the people you meet. As you travel, you’ll also see that some surprising parts of American culture have been adopted into Japanese culture. In Tokyo, there’s a classic honky-tonk bar called Little Texas. There are also hula dancing schools throughout the country. Plus, on Christmas, it’s now traditional for many Japanese families to enjoy a bucket of KFC chicken. Japan is a beautiful, varied country with tons of things to see and do, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto to the peaceful fishing towns in Japan’s southern islands. No matter what you go, you’ll find warm people who are happy to chat with you or help you out if you have questions.