9 Best Ski Destinations in Canada

whistler Every year without fail the earth reaches a point on its orbit of the sun when, thanks to its pesky tilted axis, we North Hemisphere-dwellers are treated to a season of cold and dark misery. Only two things make a North American winter bearable; Christmas and all of the gluttony that comes with it and the sweet exhilaration of ski season!

Canada has some of the world’s best destinations for a ski holiday and there are many variables that go into deciding which is the right ski destination for you. Snowfall, skiable terrain, attractions in the nearest town and general ambiance all have a part to play. Our list of the best ski destinations in Canada takes all of these things into consideration as well as making sure every destination on our shortlist has that dash of special snowy pixie dust that makes your ski trip truly memorable. Read on for nine of the best ski destinations in Canada.

1) Whistler, Blackcomb

Everyone in Canada knows about the ski and summer extreme sports mecca that is Whistler. Located in British Columbia, a few hours’ drive from Vancouver, Whistler in the wintertime is a vast snowy terrain that offers a huge variety of ski experiences. Each mountain in the Whistler clan has its own micro-climate, thanks to its sometimes 5,000 foot vertical drops, and the huge stretches of woodland make Whistler one of the best spots in Canada for cruising terrain. Popular with skiers and non-skiers alike, Whistler is a real tourist town, particularly during the prime ski months of February and March. More people means more buzz, though and those who want to enjoy some ski-season nightlife will find more than they can handle in Whistler with a huge number of dance clubs and bars that can be more Las Vegas than St Moritz.