11 U.S. States the Fewest People Want To Visit

This year, when you’re planning your summer vacation, why not break away from the masses and plan something a little bit different? Instead of following the current trends and heading to the most popular vacation destinations, do the opposite. Keep in mind that every state has something unique to offer and be open to new experiences. Take off on a new adventure to a lesser traveled state, see something different, and have a great story to tell at the end of your travels. When it comes to traveling, sometimes it’s true that the less popular places are the ones that will really blow you away. Here are the 11 least visited states in the U.S. – and why you should go!

1) Delaware

The mid-Atlantic coastal region is sometimes by-passed by travelers heading to New England or the beaches of southern Florida. Unfortunately, many people drive right through Delaware, unaware of what they’re missing. Shopper-savvy folks may already be clued in, but many don’t know that Delaware is a tax-free state. This makes shopping here a bargain hunter’s dream. Savings aside, Delaware’s coastal location means it’s a great summer destination. With only 7.3 million visitors a year, Delaware’s beaches stay relatively uncrowded. Additionally, they’ve been rated as the cleanest beaches in the nation. Rehoboth Beach, famous for its boardwalk, is the perfect place to catch some rays, shop the boutiques, and grab a bite at one of the unique locales. History is also a big part of Delaware. Visitors should see the Du Pont Mansions, the rooms of which hold a staggering amount of antiques and boast acres of beautiful gardens.